• 20 Apr 2017

    Two Ways To Improve Your Facebook Live

    Facebook Live is a great way to engage with your audience. It’s the easiest way to reach a lot of people with a few clicks, especially since Facebook prioritizes the live stream, getting more eyes on your content. More and more companies are using the tool to interact and participate with their audiences in real-time, […]
  • 30 Jan 2017

    2017 Digital Content – Trends to keep an eye out for

    2016 was a great year in digital media.  We’ve seen the industry pivot in new directions and we’re excited to continue evolving as creators of digital content. What’s up for 2017? Here are a few observations on digital content trends in the industry: Video length We’ve seen an increase in demand for shorter, bite-sized pieces of content with […]
  • 08 Sep 2016

    Many Forms of Branded Video Content

    Viral videos and sites like YouTube have given online videos a sense of legitimacy in entertainment, and companies have been hooking onto this trend of online video to reach audiences for a number of years. Instead of launching an ad informing and reminding viewers of their brand, the very idea of ads is being revolutionized […]