We specialize in video production, animation & motion graphics, photography and web solutions for clients and agencies across North America. Over 8 years, we've grown to offering an expanded list of digital services out of our Toronto and Calgary offices. We're proud of our growth and we get excited about creating remarkable work, meeting interesting people and kindly persuading Dru to make delicious BBQ for us.

Our Focus

It starts and stops with digital. The majority of the work we do is ‘marketing-oriented’ – that includes you PR, marketing, and advertising folks. Some clients approach us to help with a specific project, others look to us for more strategic help to build a plan and execute on it.

Agencies appreciate working with us. We can support them in more specific aspects of development or provide expertise that they don’t hold in-house. Most of our work is done in-house, but we also collaborate with other professionals when the job calls for it.

Meet Some Friendly Faces

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Commitment to Great Work

Angle Media Group is committed to ensuring excellence with each of our clients and their projects. We consistently deliver digital content that will help our partners get noticed and earn more clients.

Creative Development

We will provide you with the creative development you need in order to ensure the project progresses as planned. Angle Media Group creates the digital content required to deliver the right message with strong design through the most effective channel, whether that be video, photography, animation, or web solutions.


Angle Media Group is dedicated to ensuring that you are delivered an outstanding final product that meets your expectations for the project. We will produce rich media that reaches a wide audience while maintaining high quality.


As our partner, you will work alongside our team throughout the creation process, and we will ensure that lines of communication are always open. If you have feedback for us, we will make the changes to fit your needs. Even if something needs to be adjusted during or after the process, Angle Media Group will be there to support your project and ensure it mirrors your vision.