2017 Digital Content – Trends to keep an eye out for

2016 was a great year in digital media.  We’ve seen the industry pivot in new directions and we’re excited to continue evolving as creators of digital content.

Angle Media Group Demo Reel 2016

What’s up for 2017? Here are a few observations on digital content trends in the industry:

Video length

We’ve seen an increase in demand for shorter, bite-sized pieces of content with messages that audiences can absorb quickly – here’s a recent example from a project with Fresh Mitts on Facebook.  Video content is everywhere these days, and we’re enjoy the challenge of creating unique, captivating pieces that are worth our audience’s time to watch.

Modifying content for different audiences and platforms

When is the last time you logged onto Facebook without seeing videos playing in your news feed?  We’ve seen an increase in digital content created or modified specifically for social platforms like Facebook and Instagram for consumption at home or on-the-go on their mobile devices – whether this is adding subtitles, changing the length, creating flashy intros or increasing the animation size on screen.   There is still huge value in having your content sharable on YouTube/Vimeo and on your website, but modifying content to live within different social platforms provides an opportunity to access new or different audiences for delivering messages.

Voice over styles

We’ve noticed a more popular style of the “guy next door” voice over – a friendly, more casual character that 2016/2017 audiences are more drawn to.  According to 2017 Industry Trends report, when creating content that will connect with a specific target audience, 73% of respondents opt for a voice actor who could sound like a peer of that target audience. This statistic supports other evidence that 2016 was the year of “the approachable expert” – a trend that promises to continue into 2017.  

For example, check out a recent project with The Doorbox:

Storytelling and branded content

Brands are increasingly including sponsored videos that entertain, educate, and/or give a deeper look into what the brand stands for, and who they are, which is a great way to engage with audiences without pushing the brand or product like a more traditional advertisement.

A great example of this is GoDaddy’s recent video series and microsite with Toronto Raptors’ Jonas Valančiūnas (JV).  In partnership, they launched a hilarious, mythical business called Itty Bitty Ballers to demonstrate how small businesses can create their online presences with GoDaddy.  More on branded content can be read on our blog post here.

360 video and Virtual Reality

Deloitte predicted that 2016 would be the first year of billion-dollar revenue for virtual reality, with growth expected to focus on both full feature and mobile devices offering this new, immersive media experience.  We’ve been putting our 360 video rig to good use at events to give the audience an insider’s perspective as if they’re at the event themselves.

Creating for our audiences

As society becomes progressively more multicultural, we’ve been creating more and more content in multiple languages using voice over and subtitles on screen.  This is a great way to reach new audiences locally and around the world.

According to the 2017 Industry Trends report, 71% of creative professionals produce content in non-English, with approximately 21% of respondents indicating that in 2016, they have increased the number of bilingual scripts they are producing (English + at least one other language).

We’re excited for what’s to come in 2017!

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